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TFL Artwork  for Staff Wellbeing projects

Transport for London is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England.

Due to the stressful nature of the call centre I was approached to help promote a more stress free environment within the CCO department. Creating posters for Christmas, Easter, Valentines day and Black History created a good spirit within the department and also drew many numbers to attend each event.

This project was introduced initially to raise awareness to staff within the TfL call centre (CCO), regarding customer incident claims/operations, which take place at different bus garages. The information was too bland for the agents to absorb. My task was to find a way for this information to be more engaging and eye-catching.

CCO Did You Know? Staff Wellbeing Project


The CCO Department manager found a need to promote Key principles within the CCO facility. Topics such as health and safety, and care for others were just a few of the items on the agenda. My job was to create engaging posters to convey these messages. I helped the campaign by creating the catchy "CCO Did You Know" title, which went down very well with the team.

Toyota Customer Manual
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